a four-day summer course in the historic seaport of Marblehead, MA—with Judith Black

  "Telling Stories is the best workshop I've experienced for professional AND personal growth…Judith has an amazing ability to bring people together for a fantastic week of sharing and learning with plenty of laughter!"—Rachel Kegan, teacher (participant in the 2009 session)

"I wanted to thank you for a terrific workshop. I really enjoyed it. It gave me the confidence to realize that I could tell stories without the safety net of a book in front of me...."—Sharon Camins, Pennington, NJ. (2001 session.)

"Perhaps the best result of the workshop is that I now carry with me so many skills and creative approaches to share with others..."—Joan Lange, Nashville, TN. (2004 session)

a four day summer course
with Judith Black
in the historic seaport town of Marblehead, MA...

What happens? What will I be doing for four days in Marblehead?
Two levels: What is the difference between level one and level two?
Who comes? Who takes this class?
About the leader: Tell me about Judith.
Where? Enough philosophy, where am I going? What's it like?
Lodging: Where do I stay?
When? When is it?
How to sign up? How do I sign up?

"I want to thank you for an incredible four days.
I have never taken a workshop that i have so enjoyed and learned so much."
—Peg Acheson (1996 session)

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